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TheBestOfColumbus.com ("The Best") embodies the adventure of searching for and finding what is literally the very best that Our Town has to offer. We search out "the best" and then chronicle and celebrate it with our members and readers.

The Best is the "gold list" for what the city has to offer in the worlds of food, art, beauty, business, culture, dining, entertainment and nightlife -everything you want to enjoy.

TheBestofColumbus.com was created to help busy, style-conscious people (like you) find the products and services you want. Our fundamental belief is that what you want in your life are superlatives -- the "stuff" that reflects what you want to be and do -- the life you live. In short, TheBestofColumbus.com is about the cult of a happy home and as our company and our "Best of" list evolve, we anticipate becoming a trusted part of the community fabric that is Columbus.

We are striving to be known for giving the inside scoop on the city’s most exciting and valuable resources. It is produced by people who are relentless in their quest for the people and businesses that can provide the things - little and big - that contribute to the "good life."

As time goes by, more and more of our content will come from local tastemakers themselves, who will provide information with the tone and flavor perfect for our local reader. This kind of medium works for everyone, the business owners are striving to be the best and be selected to our coveted list, and our web visitors and members get to tap into a top-notch resource guide.

Our Manifesto

  • The Things We Discover Should Make You Happy!
  • Our philosophy is that there is ALWAYS something new and different that YOU need to know about
  • It's OKAY to want the best (not necessarily the most pricey)

Our Website
TheBestOfColumbus.com is always a place to jumpstart your weekend - or weekday, or shopping trip, viewing pleasure and more. We tilt the city so that you can see and find all that you want. Basically, we celebrate YOU, our audience, and the lifestyle you lead.

So enjoy, comment, compliment and inform, but most importantly - share with us so we can share with others.

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